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Strategy Session with Christine Thorpe (40 Mins)

In a 40-minute strategy session with Christine Thorpe, you will receive personalized coaching designed to enhance your personal and professional growth. The session begins with a detailed pre-meeting evaluation to assess your current situation and goals, ensuring a tailored experience. Christine will delve into your specific challenges and aspirations, providing expert guidance in areas such as relationships, career advancement, and alignment with core values. With her extensive expertise in sales, negotiation, and relationship building, Christine will offer actionable strategies for immediate implementation and a follow-up plan to ensure continuous improvement. This session is a pivotal step towards unlocking your potential and manifesting the life you desire. Book your session today and start transforming your tomorrow.


Strategy Session with Christine Thorpe (2 Hrs)

Embark on a transformative 2-hour Strategy Meeting with Christine Thorpe, available as a single session or split into two 1-hour sessions. This personalized session begins with an in-depth pre-meeting evaluation to tailor the experience to your specific goals. With Christine's expertise in sales, negotiation, relationship building, and Personality Science, you'll receive extended coaching to address complex issues and aspirations. The session culminates in a detailed, actionable strategy plan, complete with a follow-up action plan and access to exclusive resources, ensuring you achieve profound personal and professional growth with clarity and confidence.


Values Deep Dive Strategy Session (1 Hour) with Christine Thorpe

Unlock your true potential and transform your life with Christine Thorpe's "Values Deep Dive Strategy Session." This personalized, one-on-one session conducted via Zoom Pro delves into your core values to help you gain clarity, align your goals, and enhance your communication skills. With tailored strategies based on an advanced pre-session assessment, you will discover profound insights and actionable roadmaps for personal and professional fulfillment. Whether you're a professional seeking more meaningful work, a leader aiming to inspire others, or someone feeling stuck and unfulfilled, this session offers the guidance you need to live in true alignment with your deepest values.